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Client Testimonials

"Annette is excellent! She is skilled, intuitive and kind. She is also a healer. Her skills are remarkable in healing all kinds of pain, including emotional, temporal mandibular (TMJ), back, hip and neck, and this is just a few of her skills. I cannot express enough how awesome she is !" -M. Parker, RNP

I have been seeing Annette for three years. Her craniosacral and emotional release therapies helped me keep my sanity. My emotional stress remained well balanced with treatments from Annette. I also was chronically stiff in my muscles and Annette was the one who helped me through the pain. It was her expertise that helped me get the diagnosis of Lyme disease. She has treated me through this disease watching me suffer with so many variations of deep pains throughout my body. No matter what was happening that day, Annette had a treatment for me to help subside my discomfort. You will certainly be in great care with this lady....needless to say I really miss her! -Dicksie L.

Taylor Jones is an amazing Craniosacral therapist. I was diagnosed with a case of “extreme peripheral neuropathy” which has left me needing a wheelchair. Taylor is able to alleviate the pain in my hands, feet, and legs for hours after my sessions with her and I actually have more energy than I have had in ages. Taylor is very professional and also very kind, gentle, soothing, and thoughtful. Craniosacral therapy is a wonderful experience and I am grateful to have Taylor as my therapist. Thank you Taylor. -Lucille P.

Annette is wonderful. She possesses magic in her fingers to ease the pain, discomfort and chronic problems that one may be experiencing. For those requiring the benefits of lymphatic massage, Annette is your answer. Trust her. Once you find her you won't want to leave!

-Dorothy C.

The craniosacral work Taylor has done with me has shifted my entire internal world. I've been in trauma recovery for nearly 8 years now; none of the practices or work I tried in that time brought my parasympathetic nervous system on like craniosacral with Taylor. Id felt glimpses through yoga practices, but nothing on this level. Id often say "I'm returning home to my body", but after only two sessions with her, I felt entirely at home, not like I was journying back to myself anymore, like I had arrived in myself finally. Her ability to listen and communicate with my body is nothing short of magickal. In the couple months I had the privilege of working with Taylor, I was able to "come back online" emotionally - feeling, feeling all my feelings!! Feeling bodily sensations! I found my voice after years of choking on my words. I've been able to release grief and heal wounds. Anxiety manifesting in my stomach and gut and quieted. I know my current ability to be fully embodied in the present wouldn't be possible without her.

This is life changing stuff, and the more you are willing to trust her and release, the more she can do for you!!  Love, Love Taylor Jones and her craniosacral work! -Ash S.

Annette has been working with my daughter on her anxiety. Her patience, knowledge, and understanding is beyond words. My daughter looks forward to seeing her and made her feel so at ease. After a year my daughter has come along way with the therapy Annette has taught us and skills she gave us. Thank you Annette -Jenn B

Annette is an incredibly gifted Craniosacral therapist. I have seen her for my own stress reduction needs and have worked in tandem with her by referring my psychotherapy clients who get ‘stuck’ and can’t move forward. She is kind, gentle, intuitive and trustworthy. I highly recommend her. -Cindy k. MFT, LADC, RN

I was really impressed with Taylor’s energy work. This is the first time I’ve done cranial sacral therapy. But I have lots of experience with energetic modalities. And I recognize that she it is truly gifted. She can move your energies, remove blocks and shift the way you feel. Thank you so much for an amazing session! -Loren D. Karma HuBB 

If you need your knots unwound, check out Annette Eccles for services and to book an appointment. Her business is Knot Your Ordinary Bodywork, and she does amazing things! You'll be in good hands." -A. Kling

"Chronic issues LEAVE after sessions with Annette! My jaw misses you"..

- A.Kimball, LMT 

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