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A near epidemic of chronic pain, illness and high stress has developed in our world today. Thousands are suffering, with little hope of relief. They go through life not only in physical pain but experiencing anxiety, frustration and despair. At Knot Your Ordinary Bodywork, we are focused on providing unique forms of  bodywork services with YOU in mind. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and help you relax, feel better and get moving. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us and feel better too.

Why us?

Annette Eccles has worked as a massage therapist for 22 years. Early on she realized there was more to eliminating pain than chasing symptoms. She also became acutely aware of the connection between the mouth, with its network of nerves and connective tissue, to the rest of the body.

When Annette worked with a biological dentist associated with the University of Arizona's Alternative Medical Clinic, she found herself in the middle of the exploding epidemic of unrelenting chronic pain, illness and the effects of high stress.

Wanting to more fully understand the physiology of the conditions and changes happening in her client's lives, she returned to school and received a degree in Medical Massage. She currently holds a national certification in massage and bodywork and a state license in Virginia.

VAMT #0019009023.

When not working, Annette brings balance to her life spending time with her children and grandchildren, endurance running, Pilates, reading and being with friends. 

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